Monday, September 5, 2011

An Nyoung Ha Seh Yo

Have you been wondering were I've been? I bet you have! Well I've been off having wild Asian Adventures (this was an alternative option for my blog name fyi). Well hello from Asia or if we were in South Korea which is where I just was you'd say 'An Nyoung Ha Seh Yo'! If you're a fan of the show Arrested Development you'll understand why I was so excited to constantly get the chance to say 'An Nyoung' while I was there- If you're not familiar with the show forget I said anything. I was only in S. Korea for three nights but somehow I manged to visit North Korea- There I am below pointing to Propaganda city.

A cat cafe- Yes I spent $8 to hang out in a cafe with cats, I did get a free drink though.

I hiked all the way up to the Seoul Tower- Here I am with some ladies from my group- Anna, Monica, and Veronica. This was like the half way point. Keep in mind that this was my first full day in Seoul- and we walked everywhere, I was soooo tired but here we are!

When you reach the top (after like 4 thousand stairs) there are lockets attached to almost all the fences surrounding the tower. There is a long standing tradition where lovers come and make wishes about their love /lover they then add a locket to the fence- there are like thousands of them :) Sadly I didn't have a locket but I still made a wish ;) <3

 I left for my year long adventure on Monday and after 11 hours of flying I arrived Tuesday night in Seoul, South Korea- I had no idea what to expect but when we finally arrived we were informed that the next day would be a free day. "Hmmm" I thought, A whole free day in a country I've never been to, this should be excited. Magically our group of 25 students figured out how to get back to the airport and how to ride the subway to downtown Seoul. I was in a group of about 9 other peeps- somehow none of us got lost and it was a great day- here's a picture of downtown. It reminded a lot of Japan.

After our free day some of us decided to visit the DMZ the next day. Here I am with a ROK solider. For those of you who do not know the DMZ stands for the Demilitarized Zone which is located between North and South Korea. In this picture I am technically in North Korea- no big deal.

After the DMZ we went to the reunification some-thing-a-rather. I don't remember the name of the place there was this fence where family members and other people affected by the separation of north and south Korea hang ribbons in the hopes to bring about reunification.

 Later that evening which was our last night in Seoul some of us decided to venture out to the University Distant to have dinner and drinks. Here some of us are in front of the Zen Bar. I thought it was very Buddhaful! Ha ha ha!

We did Seoul South Korea fast and furious but it was amazing! Now i'm in a new place- I'm not allowed to tell you where I am exactly but lets just say I road some of theses- look below!

 And I get to take lots of pictures of these! More to come, Love Audrey!

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