Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ni Hao Ma

As promised- Chinese Adventures!

After Mongolia I spent a week in China. Our first two days were spent in Bejing- we visited the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City. My personal favorite was the Great Wall of China- I cannot even describe it to you. I hiked all the way up to the point where tourists are no longer able to hike any further aka I’m a bad ass. At one point you have to hike up a vertical staircase. It was a workout but sooooo worth it. After Bejing we headed to Xian where we saw the Terra cotta soldiers. We didn’t do much other than that- I got eaten alive by fleas in my hotel room. I have over 60 bites, personally I would like to sue the hotel. Just so you have a mental picture I had to walk around china the rest of the time looking like I had the chicken pox. It sucked. After Xian we went to Shanghai which is a fancier version of New York City. I spent the day shopping. One of my highlights of China was the silk market- haggle city!!! Let me tell you- things were bought! China was fun- I’ll be heading back there in two months. Right now I’m in a topical place and I absolutely LOVE it! Yes, its humid and really hot but the people are so nice and you can get super tasty food for a little more than a dollar. Tomorrow I leave for the Jungle- that’s right the Jungle!  I’ll let you know if I meet a Tarzan ;) 

This is the night market in Bejing- tasty street food

Hiking the Great Wall of China!

Hey Mao- Tia man Square

Wish I could put more pictures up but the internet connection is slow here! Till next time!

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